How ESL Classes Help You To Fully Engage With Your Community

3 June 2018
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Many people come to the United States for better opportunities. The United States is appealing because you have access to better education, healthcare and job opportunities. Unfortunately, it is hard to get the full experience if there is a language barrier. Read on to find out how ESL classes helps you to fully engage with your community.

Sign Up For Class

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. It can also be called English as a Foreign Language (EFL). An EFL class is part of an English language study program for nonnative speakers. It offers a variety of language skills. The right class depends on your English needs, abilities and interests. Every program teaches vocabulary, writing, listening comprehension, reading, grammar and conversational English.

The program usually has small classes. It allows students to receive individual attention from teachers. You also have access to social and cultural activities at the school and the community. EFL programs are offer at colleges, universities, EFL schools and schools that specialize in continuing education. The purpose of the program is to improve a student's English level.

Know How To Read Safety Instructions

You can benefit from learning English when it comes to safety. The streets and highways are lined with road signs. A road sign can tell you which way to turn to go to a certain location. If you need to get to the hospital, then it helps to be able to read the symbol for hospital. Not knowing could mean a delay in medical care. Other safety instructions may include medication instructions, weather advisories and workplace safety literature. You also need a way to communicate to emergency medical personnel and law enforcement.

Apply For Jobs

Many people come to this country for better job opportunities. An ESL class gives you the ability to take advantage of training and educational opportunities. It leads to obtaining employment, higher salaries and promotions. These advantages improve opportunities for your family. It also gives your family access to healthcare.

Some non-English speakers have translators to assist them with daily business. If you become more self-sufficient with learning the language, then it decreases the need for translators. It allows you to use public transportation, get a driver's license and communicate with the public without help.

You can get started by finding an EFL program in your local community. It starts with obtaining the resources to support your family.