Mentored Pilot Training: 3 Ways Hands-On Learning Can Benefit Your Future Pilot Career

29 July 2016
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As you near the end of your flight training, you may feel ready to go head-on into your career of aviation. Before sending out multiple job applications, you may want to consider forms of additional training that can help your job prospects. One type of training that you can take part in is mentored pilot training. Through these training courses, you will work one on one with an experienced pilot that has been working in the industry for numerous years. Taking advantage of a program like this has several advantages. By understanding the different advantages, you can move forward with this training and have a positive impact on your future career.

Different Types of Flying

When moving forward with a pilot career, it's typically assumed that the main job would be flying a passenger airplane that goes from airport to airport. By going through a mentor program, you can learn about different forms of flying, including cargo and delivery planes. A mentor can discuss the differences and benefits with each type of flying situation. This includes multiple tips and benefits that can help you thrive within your career. It can also help you make the best decision on the type of plane that you want to pilot in the future. Once you decide on this, the mentored training can focus specifically on those types of planes.

Personal Tips

Flight school can teach you a lot of technical know-how of flying a plane. Mentored training can take things one step further and teach you all of the unwritten rules of being a pilot. For example, they can give you tips on layovers, getting proper amounts of rest, and the best ways to stay at different hotels or locations. Additional tips may focus on getting your first pilot job, what different airlines are like, and the best way to advance through your career. All of this learning can only be done through mentored training. It offers a lot of insight into your future piloting career and the the success that you will have.

Job Recommendations

One of the biggest benefits of mentored pilot training is the ability to get a job recommendation. When working with a pilot who works with a specific airline, you can get a job recommendation for that airline. This can make a big difference on your starting job and the ability to start flying soon after your training program is over. Many airlines may even run these mentor programs themselves and have jobs available as soon as the training has been completed.

Contact different programs to read through different pilot options and find the right fit for your needs.