Is A Second Career As A Dental Assistant Right For You?

12 July 2016
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Are you tired of your current career track? Perhaps you wish you were in a more rewarding field where you would have a noticeable impact on the lives of others. A second career as a dental assistant might be for you. This rewarding and fairly compensated profession is an excellent choice for adults seeking a second career as the training can typically be completed mostly online and around your busy schedule. Here's a closer look at what you can expect in a career as a dental assistant.


You're not going to become rich as a dental assistant, but you should be able to support yourself. Incomes range from $22,000 to $44,000 per year in the United States. Your salary will increase with experience, and you'll typically earn more in areas where the cost of living is higher and the economy is better.

Job Satisfaction

Dental assistants report high levels of satisfaction with their jobs. Many people thrive on seeing the direct results of their work, and as a dental assistant, you certainly get this benefit. A patient comes in with pain or a problem, and by the time they leave, it is fixed -- thanks in part to your work. While there are challenges, such as difficult patients and days where you'll have back-to-back appointments and not a lot of time to breathe in between, in general, you should feel important and needed as a dental assistant.

Educational Requirements

Dental assistants are required to be certified in the profession. Most certification programs last between nine and eleven months, making this an easy career to break into as a second career without having to go spend years in school. You'll need to pass a national exam at the end of your training program in order to receive your certification. As previously mentioned, some programs have begun allowing most of their coursework online, but you will still need to report for some hands-on classes and training, as dental assisting is a very hands-on job.

Finding a Job

One of the great things about being a dental assistant is that there are numerous dental offices in most any city or suburban area, and almost all of them hire dental assistants. People are always going to need dental work, so the career should remain in demand. If you cannot find any job postings for dental assistants in your area, try visiting dental offices in person and asking if they're hiring. Since many dental offices are small businesses, they may not have the resources to advertise widely when they need to hire.

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