Answers To Common Aptitude Testing Questions

13 June 2016
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Standardized testing has become a common tool used by both schools and employers. As a result, there is a strong chance that you will have to take one of these tests at some point during your life. Therefore, you may benefit from having a few of the more basic questions about these tests answered so that you will be better prepared for what to expect.

What Does An Aptitude Test Measure?

Aptitude testing is designed to measure both a person's professional abilities and their personal preferences. This information can allow recruiters and employers to determine whether a person will be a strong match for a particular position. While this testing can not entirely replace the traditional application process, it can provide employers with additional information when they are needing to choose between equally qualified candidates. Without this information, it would be harder for these professionals to be able to evaluate job applicants in a holistic manner.

How Are These Tests Administered?

These aptitude tests can be administered in an assortment of ways, which can range from tests that use paper and pencil to sophisticated internet based applications. Depending on the purpose of the test, it may also be necessary to take the test under the supervision of a proctor. These professionals will ensure that the testing conditions and requirements are met so that your results can accurately be compared to other test takers. While this may seem intimidating, the proctor will mostly time your test and prevent cheating. Luckily, most major cities have a testing center that can provide proctoring services.

Can You Prepare For These Tests?

Due to the importance of performing well on these tests, there are many individuals that may want to prepare for them. In instances where the test will be measuring your professional abilities, it may be best to review the applicable standards and practices to ensure that you are clear about them. When reviewing these materials, you should spread your study sessions over several weeks. This will help to ensure that you have enough time to thoroughly review any areas where you may be weak.

However, it can be difficult to prepare for the personality based part of the test. Many of these tests are designed to measure a person's responses to determine whether they are answering truthfully and consistently. As a result, the best approach for this part of the test may simply be to relax and answer each question about yourself as honestly as possible.